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"Dedicated to Rebuilding Lives Torn Apart By War, Poverty, and Disaster"


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Wings of Valor is requesting help with the funding to cover the distribution of 128 pallets of donations in the remote mountains of Nicaragua and along the Río Coco that borders Honduras.  The first shipment of 72 pallets are scheduled depart Homestead Reserve Base the 16th of March on a US Air Force C-5.  Upon arrival in Nicaragua the donations, which contain a large amount of school supplies, equipment and furniture, will be distributed by members of Wings of Valor with the aid of the Organization of American States.

The distribution funds will cover the cost of a warehouse and the rental of trucks and drivers to transport the donations on the 10-14 hour trip to the mountains. Most of the donations will continue on by mule or by boat which can add an additional 5-7 hours to reach the final distribution point.  Due to the remoteness, harsh terrain, lack of security, dangers from land mines and the expense of reaching these areas few organizations are willing to help.

Your tax-deductible donation will help overcome the plague of apathy that has descended and rebuild lives torn apart, by war, poverty and disaster.  The children will be given a chance to break the chains of poverty because without an education they will be forever imprisoned. 

Please join us in making a difference by rebuilding the lives of the improvised.  God has given us all blessing to share with others.  Reach for the valor within to make the sacrifice, to be there for the forgotten is a mission of the heart.

For Additional Information on the History of Wing so Valor visit www.wingsofvalor.org/history.htm and www.wingsofvalor.org/articles.htm 

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